Design that

Your vision. Enabled.

Design Intersection supports our clients with a clear objective: break through the clutter and noise. We do so with creative designs that tell compelling stories—stories that connect, inform, differentiate, and endure.

Your story.

We enable your vision. To come to life. To be shared. To be understood. To support your goals.

And we’ve been doing so for 20 years.

Our approach—creativity, communication, and client satisfaction—is grounded in our understanding of and commitment to your brand and mission. Our graphic design and production services are centered around helping you elevate your brand.

Welcome to Design Intersection:
Where Purpose Meets Passion.

Our Approach


We start our relationship by asking the right questions. That way we can understand your goals, what differentiates you, and, most importantly, what makes you—you.


We take what we’ve learned in our discussions with you, and applying two decades of experience as well as the industry’s best practices, which allows us to develop a thorough plan of action.


We want to provide you with design work that is on target. This means thinking through numerous possibilities and distilling our advice in a meaningful way.


The magic behind the magic. Our creative process is guided by a clear understanding of your goals. We help you create and communicate your brand’s uniqueness.

Our Clients. In their
own words.