Effective design solutions for companies of any size.

Effective design is about more than images.

It’s about effectively communicating and connecting, and it’s about knowing when to be bold and when less is more.

All done strategically.

Design Intersection creates design solutions for companies of any size, and we suit a variety of needs. Entrepreneur, small business owner, or large enterprise—our customized solutions ensure your stories come to life.

Assess, design, launch, measure, and iterate. This is how we approach each and every assignment. It’s who we are.

Anya Wilcox
Just as I am passionate about design, I know my clients are passionate about their products. Their trust in me to help them express themselves to their customers, whether through a business card or a brochure or an exhibit booth, is fueled by creative process. I make their success my own because I know that my work will define their brand.

Anya Wilcox, Founder